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SIP versus PRIs & POTS: Why companies everywhere are switching

Companies around the world are switching their dial tone service over to SIP because it’s easier to manage, costs less and provides more features.  SIP technology was developed over twenty years ago and has since gone mainstream, becoming the preferred way to communicate with voice, messaging, and video.

Unlike older PRI-T1s and POTS lines, SIP does not require a dedicated circuit and connects like computers over the Internet.  Each POTS line handles one call and PRIs support 23, but SIP has no circuit restraints and can scale as quickly as you need.  It also drives down cost, makes office moves easier and significantly improves uptime.

During a service outage, PRIs can only forward its numbers to one backup number (e.g., to the lead number of a few POTS lines ringing into the reception desk).  When both PRI & POTS lines are affected (e.g., power outage), your company can no longer receive calls.  SIP can connect over as many Internet connections as you have (across any number of offices), and, when none are available, redirect each number to any destination you want (e.g., to employee’s cell phones).  SIP makes it possible to create an environment where you never lose calls.

Is your current phone bill bloated with regulatory surcharges and taxes? These often add up to as much as 50% of the total bill.  Our SIP service is clean and pure and averages around 10% of your bill.  With no circuit fee, reduced surcharges and taxes, and lower monthly rates, our customer are saving as much as 70% each month.

New telephone systems are SIP-ready and older systems can connect with a simple converter.  Unless you are under a freshly signed service contract (one that wasn’t “auto-renewed”), there is no good reason to postpone receiving better service for less money.  You should switch your company to SIP today.

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Top IT Leaders Discuss: How To Remove Barriers to Expansion & Make Remote Workforce Management Easier

We recently interviewed tech leaders across a wide range of companies to learn about top priorities and how they were overcoming obstacles in the way. 

From the IT Manager of a 100+ person real estate firm, to the COO of a $42M law firm, all the way to the President of a logistics company with 20 staff members… our interviewees all landed on one or more of the following 5 priorities:

  • Ensuring seamless customer service, regardless of where their staff is located.
  • Making working from home easier.
  • Offering faster service to customers.
  • Reducing stress for both staff and leadership to improve company morale. 
  • Removing barriers like equipment purchases and security concerns while expanding to new locations.

As we dug in to understand what challenges stood in their way, particularly around communications, a few problems showed up in nearly every conversation. 

First and most often, we learned that the shared stress between staff and leadership around missed calls and delayed responses to customers, while working from home, was hitting company morale and leaving everyone worried about customer satisfaction. 

Second, the scant visibility their previous systems offered into how staff are using their communications system and responding to customers left leadership with shoulders shrugged and uncertain about their teams’ effectiveness while distributed across homes and offices.

Third, and just as common as the first problem, multi-step internal communications were making it harder to get customers connected with the precise person who could best answer their question… as well as getting staff connected to one another in an instant. 

Lastly, and most common amongst the larger & quickly growing companies, on-prem telecom equipment and security concerns slowed expansion into new offices.

To hear the quick, 1 minute snippets of 5 of our interviews where the leaders we spoke with share what impact solving these problems had for them, check out the links below!

  • “We were formerly on a physically dependent system… but now, it doesn’t really matter if we remain in our existing spaces or emerge into other physical spaces.” - COO of a $42M Law Firm
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No Longer Worried about Security and Expansion Issues That Existed With An On-Prem System

The latest rave is the fact that the staff can actually text from their work phone. It never existed before. There was a whole bunch of convoluted and quite frankly, complicated, work-arounds that we used to have to administer at Bronx Defenders, and now that's done for. C-flex instantly provided it to us once we migrated over to that solution,

It's helping our business a couple of different ways. One, it lets us stay on top of emerging and new technologies.  We were formerly on a physically dependent solution where we had physical equipment that was housed in one of our principal office areas. That's no more. Now that we're fully cloud based. It really doesn't matter if we remain in our existing physical spaces or we emerge into other physical spaces. Which is on the horizon.  For us,  we're exploring different aptitudes of different areas of where we can work real estate wise, which includes  in the borough of the Bronx, but also in New York city and in that outside of New York city. So  that's an instant win.

Another arena. In terms of what C-flex has also provided us is that by staying cloud-based and allowing the C-flex team, credits and kudos to the team, we don't really have to worry about risk or security emergencies because that's being mitigated right to the provider. And that's super important more than ever in this era of cybersecurity.   I can rest and sleep a little bit easier.

What's been great for me?  I'm very app heavy. The fact that there is an actual app, a mobile app that lives on my phone,  where I don't have to actually log in to my main laptop my main home-office computer really gives me that instant win. So folks who reached me on my dedicated work line or cell phone, instantly, I can navigate that right from the app itself. So personally it's just created efficiency that I didn't realize I actually needed to improve by my own navigation of connecting with my staff  and staying on top of communicating.  I'm not pretty fond of voicemails anymore and just again, the fact that C-flex allow folks to text me right into the app, and I'm instantly receiving those notifications. I couldn't have asked for a better product.

I would tell myself make the decision now. Do not hesitate. Do not study this further. Do it.

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C-Flex connects your customers through phone, video, or text anywhere, using their own devices.


Stop throwing money away on desk phones that can't be used most of the time. Modernize your phone system and future-proof your business.


Realtime data that helps refine your sales process and keep customers happy. Growth comes from being easy to get ahold of.

So, what is the difference?



Everything you need to run your business and power your communications with the world's most popular VoIP software.  Super simple and easy to use.



The global leader in business communications takes phone system technology to the next level.  We’ve been supporting Mitel systems for over 40 years.



Our “best-in-breed” approach to unique telecommunications environments, including hybrid cloud/premise, global SMS, datacenter failover, CPaaS and so much more.

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hill cpas

"Cortel did a great job with our new system and we are pleased to recommend their services to anyone needing an easy-to-use system with all the features you could need." These phones are much better than the Polycom phones we replaced.

Oliva Johnson
Capital Trust

You did a perfect installation. Job well done. Love the new phones

Dave Melendez

Cortel SIP brought our monthly Windstream telephone bill down from $2,176 to$818. Cortel Technologies has been our trusted vendor for more than 10 years. Andrew and his team are fantastic.

Jason Thomason
Five iron

We recommend C-Flex wholeheartedly. It is so much better than the previous system.

Ruth Smith
Bendit Weinstock

We have been using Cortel for many years and appreciate their talented and dedicated team. We switched to Cortel SIP earlier this year and are very satisfied

Steven Alter

Cortel is our hero. They delivered a solution almost overnight during a crisis with our previous carrier and saved us from experiencing a prolonged outage of the life-critical services we provide to vulnerable communities. Cortel SIP also cut our monthly bill from $2,389 to $1,001.

How does C-Flex enable 3CX and
AWS to crush our client's business goals?

Most people believe that business technology has to be expensive but we’ve found that we can save thousands of dollars by using software based phone systems to grow businesses and to stop frustrating customers.

People hate automated phone systems.

They feel unwelcome in a cold world that doesn’t care about them or value their time. 

They need you and your business to help them quickly. Whether you’re a law firm or hospital, or small business, you hold the keys to help people grow. People like you are driven and hardworking. You care about your customers, and it keeps you pushing every day to grow your business and help them succeed.  

But behind it all, you have one lingering question: How do I know my customers are happy and our employees take care of customers as I do? 

You know what it takes to support your customer and to help them in person, but making them feel comfortable over the phone can be stressful and takes its toll on both you and them. Here’s the truth: many businesses lose customers because their phone system doesn’t work for them; it works against them. 

You need a phone system that works for you, not against you. Connecting people helps businesses flourish. A phone system that works for you will help you find more leads, close more deals, and keep employees happy. C-Flex is that phone system.  

For almost 40 years, we’ve installed and maintained phone systems that help businesses thrive. After using our integrated phone system, our customers decrease frustration and shorten wait times for their clients and see their phone system help convert and close more business. 

Whether you’re only needing a few extensions or scaling your business and moving employees home, we have a phone system that will help fit your needs gathered or remote. 

The secret to saving money on your phone system is paying per user, per month. 

At $22/per user per month, you will be able to call, video chat, or text any line from any phone, tablet, or computer in your business.

If you’re tired of frustrating your customers and wasting money year after year on desk phones, it’s time to come home to C-Flex. The never ending expenses of traditional phone systems will bleed you dry and eat up profit, start working with C-Flex today to map out your new phone system and create a plan to launch.

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Included Features:

Be easy to get ahold of: Receive calls, texts, and voice calls from your desk phone, computer, tablet, or mobile device

Work remote or onsite:
Software-based phone system

Status View: Know who on your team is available to help right now

Video Calling: Meet face-to-face wherever work takes you

Virtual Receptionist: Have a friendly greeting that transfers customers quickly

Voice to Email: Transcripts of voicemails

Work comfortably: Keep your desk phone or go remote on a mobile device

Web Client and Softphone: Manage all calls, transfers and voicemails inside your browser or mobile app

Call Coaching: You can have trainers work with sales people to coach and correct your customer service

Add-on Upgrades

  • Business Texting for all users
  • Contact Center Agents
  • Transcription of Recorded Calls (1st Minute)
  • Soft Fax
  • Affordable Professional Recordings (High-end Voice Talent & Production services)
Add-on Upgrades
Business Texting for all users
Contact Center Agent
Transcription to Call Recording (1st Minute)
Soft Fax

Your phone system is frustrating your customers
and driving them nuts.

If you stay with your current phone system, your customers will be driven to frustration when their calls drop or they get sent to the wrong extension. If you’re tired of frustrating your customers and wasting money year after year on desk phones, it’s time to come home to C-Flex.  The never ending expenses of traditional phone systems will bleed you dry and eat up profit. Start working with C-Flex today to map out your new phone system and create a plan to launch.

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