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The Verdict on VoIP: Making the Case for Law Firms

April 24th, 2017 · Telecom Articles

Ask any busy attorney what is on his or her mind and the phone system is the last thing you’ll hear about. But the telecommunication system that a law firm uses has more impact than one would think. Here’s the verdict on VoIP and why it’s worth plea bargaining for. Heavy Call Volume Just like […]

Emoticons – Thumbs up or Thumbs Down for Business Collaboration Strategy?

April 12th, 2017 · Digital Transformation

The digital transformation has taken over many aspects of interpersonal communication, but do emoticons (you know, those adorable M&M-like smiley faces that people coquettishly insert into Facebook posts) have a place in business collaboration strategy? Read this blog to hear one of NYC’s expert telecom providers give their opinion. Anti-Emoticon The main objection to emoticons […]

Did you know that March 31st is World Back Up Day?

March 27th, 2017 · Telecom Articles

It’s every IT Director’s worst fear.  The accountant’s computer flashes the blue screen of death and now even the receptionist’s terminal is down for the count. World Backup Day, this March 31st, gives companies big and small an important reminder to secure all important files through regular and sound back up. While most IT directors […]

Three Reasons You’ll Love the MiVoice 6900 IP Phone Series

March 8th, 2017 · Telecom Articles

As the world becomes more wired by the minute, being onboard with the digital transformation is critical for any business. If you’re considering a phone upgrade for your office, Mitel’s MiVoice 6900 IP Phone series is a must have for the following three reasons. Bluetooth In case  you were wondering, yes, it works just like […]

Cortel Employee of the Month: John Davis

February 24th, 2017 · Employee of the Month

Cortel would like to acknowledge service technician John Davis as our February employee of the month.  For over 23 years, John has assisted our clients with any and all problems with their phone systems through his onsite and remote support. What our clients love about John is his genuine interest in serving them.  John himself […]

Cortel Partner Spotlight: Mitel

February 10th, 2017 · Partner Spotlight

This February, Cortel plays a special tribute to its longstanding product partner Mitel. Mitel is a telecommunications company serving businesses all over the world.  Powering more than 2 billion connections every day, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and take care of customers. How do Mitel and Cortel work together? Mitel creates the solutions but does […]

Is Tweeting #Good# Enough for Healthcare Call Centers?

January 26th, 2017 · Healthcare Telecommunications

With the digital transformation underway, social media has become the preferred method of communication for all generations, across all ecosystems personal and professional.  Healthcare call centers, where speed and efficiency are critical, stand to benefit the most from this trend; but at the end of the day, is the healthcare workflow model too nuanced to […]

Healthcare Firms Texting Their Patients: Fair, or Foul?

January 16th, 2017 · Healthcare Telecommunications

In a world growing more and more obsessed with the mobile phone with each second that passes, the quickest form of communication wins.  Ask yourself if you listened to every single voicemail you got this week and you’ll say you probably can’t even remember checking them.  For healthcare providers handling protected health information, the odds […]

Millennials to Email: We #Don’tLoveYouAnymore

December 31st, 2016 · Digital Transformation

“Work is no longer a place that you go, it’s a thing that you do.”(Mitel, 2016) In the US, one in every three employees is a millennial. This makes them the largest cohort of workers; by 2020, they’ll be 50% of the global workforce.  They’re big and bad and here to stay. It’s incumbent upon […]

Diana Perez is Cortel’s December Employee of the Month!

December 15th, 2016 · Employee of the Month

As Cortel Business Solutions actively works to maintain its position as the market leader in designing and delivering enterprise, cloud and mobile real-time business communications products, our commitment to making our customers rave about us is the priority. As the means of delivering upon this commitment to customers, our employees are a critical component of […]

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