Private Telephone Systems

Representing the best telephone system in the world

From when they were an unknown to now global leader, we have designed, installed and supported Mitel systems for over 40 years.

Today these applications can be:

  • rented, leased or purchased.  

  • installed either on-premise or off-site in a data center

  • loaded in three ways: as a virtual instance, on an industry standard server or on a physical controller requiring legacy connections.

Mitel's immense array of features is unmatched in the industry and grows every year with annual upgrades. Five years from today, your investment will be as new as the day you installed it.

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6900-Series IP phones

Hands down the best IP phones on the market.


  • Unmatched speakerphone quality

  • Presence & Availability

  • MobileLink (Bluetooth integration with cell phones)

  • Cordless handsets and IP Dect headset


Mitel's MiVoice Business PBX provides the foundation to building a flexible, real-time communications landscape that can help your business with addressing the different needs of your employees.


  • Mobility

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration

  • Unified Messaging

  • Full Range of Desktop Devices and Accessories


A robust and simple Unified Communications platform plus much more.  


  • Unified Desktop and Mobile apps

  • Presence & Availability

  • Corporate Directory

  • Collaboration Bridge - Audio-Web-Video


From small economy hotels through to some of the worlds most famous luxury hotels, Mitel is the industry leader capturing 80% of all new installations. 


  • Connected Guest

  • iCharge Call Management & PMS Integration

  • HotSOS and additional integrated data to guest facing answer points