Cortel recognizes that a premium communication system is only an asset if your people can easily utilize its features. With this in mind, we make sure our systems are intrinsically easy to operate and customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

From the initial contract to your final acceptance, we coordinate a plan of implementation for each project detailing the resources, responsibilities, timing and contact people for each phase of development. In addition, we structure a training program to maximize the understanding of your system, improve the effectiveness of your staff and deliver the optimum effects of TELEFFICIENCY™.

Prior to system installation, the Project Manager (PM) assigned to your account will contact you. They will discuss the complete scope of training services and materials available. With your input, the PM will create a comprehensive and targeted learning experience for your staff.

Training consists of small classes of employees who share similar job duties or share the same type of phone. Classes are held at your facility and each trainee is provided with support material. Each class will focus on the various functions of the communication system. We will demonstrate how to activate each feature and give staff members an opportunity to experience the system “hands-on”. Special attention is given to the main and covering operators. These individuals who are charged with serving as your telephone “front door” will become thoroughly familiar with answering and processing incoming calls.

On the day of final installation and activation, the PM(s) will be on site to assist operators in processing “live calls” and will be available to other staff members for one-on-one assistance. Our objective is to leave you informed, comfortable and satisfied with your new system