What does TELEFFICIENCY™ mean to your success?

They say talk is cheap, but real communication is the lifeblood of your business. That’s why the technology used for your business communication is essential to your success…and that’s why we’re here. To help you communicate more effectively, and become more profitable and successful in the process.

Unlike many of our so-called “competitors”, Cortel doesn’t simply “sell phone systems.” Rather, we serve as architects of a comprehensive process and program that leverages the best available technology, support, warranties, and financing options designed specifically for your business.

In doing so, we help businesses and organizations across a wide discipline of vertical markets design and build flexible, reliable, cost-effective communications systems to meet and support their evolving business needs – both today and well into the future.

Our proprietary TELEFFICIENCY™ program positively impacts businesses by helping:

  • Reduce and control communication costs
  • Improve business processes
  • Dramatically increase employee efficiency and productivity
  • Maximize revenue and sales opportunities
  • Enhance customer service and support
  • Reduce risk and maximize technology protection
  • Enjoy significant tax advantages (Operating Expense and Off Balance Sheet)

As part of our TELEFFICIENCY™ program, we are pleased to offer the most cost-efficient financing options to acquire your new communications system.

The TELEFFICIENCY™ program’s flexible method of payment enables us to “bundle” all of the following products and services, and apply them to your business with significant and unmistakable benefits, including:

  • Best-available communications technology
  • Obsolescence protection with “No Penalty” System Replacement Program
  • Ongoing programming changes, system software upgrades and 5-year parts warranty
  • Comprehensive customer care including 24/7 emergency response and annual preventative maintenance
  • Flexible payment programs

Unlike traditional leasing or full purchase programs that tie you to a depreciation schedule or a committed stream of payments, the TELEFFICIENCY™ program allows you to replace your old system with new technology and eliminate any remaining payments under the original agreement – giving you total technology obsolescence protection and ultimate peace of mind.

So, if your business isn’t currently experiencing “Maximum TELEFFICIENCY™” then click here and…Let’s Get Down to Business!