Cortel Financial Services

Experiencing Maximum TELEFFICIENCY ™?

Historically, businesses have acquired their communication systems by either cash purchase or lease.

If a long-term depreciation schedule or remaining lease payments are weighing down your business and preventing you from taking advantage of today’s advanced communications technologies, it’s time to think about a better way to pay.


The TELEFFICIENCY ™ Payment Program makes budgeting for, and paying for, technology easy and beneficial! This program allows you to continually leverage the latest technology with the ultimate in obsolescence protection — through our “No Penalty” System Replacement Program with NO rollover fees!


Consider These Facts:

Technology is a depreciating asset and the costs of maintaining it increase over time.

• Communication costs are usually booked as an operating expense.

• Capital expenditures are best invested in revenue-generating initiatives and/or assets that appreciate in value.

• Unanticipated expenditures due to outdated technology can negatively impact cash flow, revenue and profits.


Being locked into a proprietary legacy system that can’t keep pace with the rapid rate of technological changes – or with the needs of your customers – is a cost of business few companies can afford!



 Leverage The Benefits Of TELEFFICIENCY ™!

• Obsolescence protection with “No Penalty” System Replacement Program with “no rollover fees”

• Pay-as-you-go maintenance, service, and support

• 3 or 5 year terms with no finance charges on those services

• Revenue/ROI generation from your cap ex dollars

• Off balance sheet operating expense with no amortization