Financing Options


Historically, businesses have acquired their communication systems by either cash purchase or lease.

If a long-term depreciation schedule or monthly payment plan is weighing down your business and preventing you from taking advantage of today’s advanced communications technologies, it’s time to think about a better way to pay.

Consider these facts:

  • Technology is a depreciating asset, and the costs of maintaining it increase over time.
  • Communications costs are usually booked as an operating expense.
  • Capital expenditures are best invested in revenue-generating initiatives and/or assets that appreciate in value.
  • Unanticipated expenditures due to outdated technology can negatively impact cash flow, revenue and profits.

Being locked into a proprietary legacy system that can’t keep pace with the rapid rate of technological changes – or with the needs of your customers – is a cost of business few companies can afford.

But the TELEFFICIENCY™ Program makes budgeting for, and paying for, technology easy and beneficial! Our flexible payment options let you continually leverage the latest technology with the ultimate in obsolescence protection – through our “No Penalty” System Replacement Program featuring “in platform” upgrades (early and late in term) with NO rollover fees!

So why not tip the scales in your favor and contact us today to see how the benefits of Cortel’s  TELEFFICIENCY™ Program can far outweigh your current communications costs!


Leverage the Benefits of TELEFFICIENCY™!

  • Off balance sheet operating expense with no amortization
  • Obsolescence protection with “No Penalty” System
  • Replacement Program and no rollover fees
  • 3- or 5-year terms and no finance charges
  • Pay-as-you-go maintenance, service, and support
  • Revenue/ROI generation from your cap ex dollars


Compare the Options



$1 Buyout


Able to expense the payment? Yes Yes* No No
Off balance sheet treatment? Yes Yes* No No
Let cap-ex dollars produce revenue or return on investment? Yes Yes Yes No
Upgrade or replace system without paying roll-over charges or financialpenalties? Yes No No No
Include customer care program in monthly payment without financing charges? Yes Yes Yes No
Avoid financial obligation or burden of outdated or inferior technology in the future? Yes No No No

*Subject to applicable accounting tax guidelines. Lease term, payment, etc. can affect treatment. Check with your accountant or tax advisor.