The Verdict on VoIP: Making the Case for Law Firms

April 24th, 2017

VoIP Law Firm Telecommunication Systems

Ask any busy attorney what is on his or her mind and the phone system is the last thing you’ll hear about. But the telecommunication system that a law firm uses has more impact than one would think. Here’s the verdict on VoIP and why it’s worth plea bargaining for.

Heavy Call Volume

Just like the emergency room, the fire department, the police department, and any other form of emergency service, when somebody needs to talk to their lawyer it’s not the kind of thing where delays are welcome. VoIP systems are great for handling high call volume with ease of use that will bring you and your clients relief. Moreover, some VoIP providers offer packages with unlimited minutes, which can generate cost savings for law firms whose phones are always ringing!

Time Sensitivity

For law firms in the billable hours environment, revenue is a function of time spent collaborating virtually with clients. For Cortel’s law firm clients, every minute counts. A VoIP system will maximize the time spent communicating with minimal attention to administrative tasks.

Ordering In the Court…All The Time

As the saying goes, the work of a successful attorney never ends. Your courtroom is now a state of being rather than a physical location. At Cortel, we know that the last thing you want to deal with late at night when you are burning the midnight oil is copying in phone contacts or worrying about if your calls are going to forward to your phone correctly. VoIP systems offer the capability to collaborate from anywhere on any device, and more.

Through our partner Mitel, we deliver a powerful suite of advanced business applications to give law firms the freedom to implement tailored communications solutions. Your law firm will love the MiVoice Business Platform. Its call control software allows you to operate your communications system with flexibility, ease, and reliability. You can choose the platform, whether it be the family of Mitel 3300 Controllers or industry standard servers.

Lawyers, have we made our case? Email to design a VoIP system that will optimize your billable time and maybe even save you a dollar or two.