VoIP Solutions for Small-to-Large Businesses

The popularity of VoIP Phone Systems for businesses of any size is due to the recent vast improvements in technology.  This change is not only because of cost reductions, but the ability to integrate other parts of business data networks for improved productivity and efficiency.  Out process begins by assessing your business’s VoIP phone system requirements, which includes looking at your typical phone usage.  In addition to what you have done historically, we’ll discuss what, if any, changes you will want implemented for your business.  Will you want voice mails automatically forwarded to email?  Do you need to have customer contact information integrated with your VoIP phone system, allowing employees to view automatic pop-ups when receiving customer calls?  Finding the answers to these and other detailed questions will help us meet all of your VoIP phone system needs and help you determine which provider features are cost-justified.

Integration of a new VoIP solution and your business’s existing voice and data networks can result in the most cost-effective and efficient use of your IT infrastructure, with significantly improved employee productivity.

Some examples of this type of integration include:

  • Phone, Voice mail, fax and email integration, allowing voice messages and faxes to be forwarded to email inboxes.
  • Streamlining incoming calls from different business locations, so a single receptionist can receive and manage phone calls from multiple offices.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities for incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Forwarding after-hours calls from your business phone to your cell phone by programming the VoIP phone system to switch during specific hours.


Provider Features:

  • Call Billing, allowing employees to track the time spent on a specific phone call
  • Reporting Metrics available to phone system admins from your provider on the calls made from your VoIP phone system
  • Identify service trends including when peak voice traffic occurs and review the type of phone calls made
  • and many other provider features.

In order to provide the right service to match your business’s requirements and system capabilities, we work with all of the major service providers to find the best VoIP solution for your phone service needs.

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