Digital Phone Systems – PBX Solutions

PBX’s (Private Branch Exchange) are industrial strength telephone systems designed for mission critical operations in medium and large businesses. Typical PBX solutions may support as few as 50 users to over 10,000 users. They support all common telephone system features and accessories like voice mail, automated attendant, ACD, T1 and PRI/BRI connections, plus special applications for businesses. They are also distinguished from the smaller systems in their ability to network, handle data traffic and provide for extreme redundancy requirements.

PBXs offer a number of benefits to enterprises.

• PBX solutions enable enterprises to own and operate an internal telephone system that allows them to switch calls on local lines, while sharing a certain number of external phone lines.
• Owning a PBX eliminates the need to purchase individual lines from a telephone company.

Originally used on analog technology, PBXs today use digital technology. However, the digital signals are converted to analog for external calls. PBX solutions are usually comprised of a telephone trunk, a computer with memory to manage the switching of calls, a network of lines within the PBX and a console, or switchboard, for an operator.