Voice and Data Solutions for Every Size

Businesses are under a tremendous amount of pressure – serve customers, keep up with the competition, and answer to shareholders at the end of the day. What every business needs are the right tools to do what they do faster, better, and for less.

Every company is unique in their approach to getting these goals accomplished. Many times, a company’s means of communication with employees, clients, suppliers and vendors is a key component to solving a number of these issues. How can the average business possibly find the tools that are a perfect fit to their requirements?

A trusted communications partner will help you find the right voice and data solutions to meet the needs of your company. All phone systems are essentially similar, so choosing an adviser that will help you navigate the specifics of each brand, assess the quality of the product, and match the product features to your specific needs is critical.

The term “voice and data solutions” is rather vague, and can include such aspects as:

• PBX, Hybrid, or IP phone systems, including voice mail features
• Call routing, call coverage, and after hours notification
• Call recording, logging, and collaboration

Let one of Cortel’s Communications Architects help you to understand your options.

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