Security Solutions

Traditional monitored “security” systems using a third party service are great for Fire, Police, and Medical response. Businesses, while they may benefit from these expedited emergency alerts, typically require something that actually provides security. From something as simple as a locked door to an elaborate system of barriers and personnel, your company’s security solution is not something to take lightly.

Take a moment to think about all the people who have access to your office or building via the front door: Employees, building maintenance staff, guests, clients, suppliers, vendors – not to mention anyone with malicious intent. Very few individuals – if any – on this list should have unrestricted access to every corner of your facility. This is why a security solution is vital to every business, even if in its simplest form.

Security solutions come in many shapes and sizes because they need to be customized to the needs of that particular business. They can include

  • Physical barriers – traditional key locks, limited access badges, and code keypads keep unauthorized persons out of restricted areas
  • Detection systems – Door chimes, CCTV cameras, or access badges that track movement through areas of the building can alert you to a person’s whereabouts
  • Monitoring – recording devices for cameras, generated reports of accessed areas or equipment, even armed guards in certain circumstances keep tabs on what is happening in your facility.

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