Remote Workers

In an effort to attract and keep the most talented and productive workforce possible, many organizations are getting creative.  The growing trend has been in the area of remote workers – employees who work from home or small offices far away from the traditional office setting.

In order for these circumstances to maintain their cost-effectiveness, communication solutions for remote workers have to meet a number of criteria:

Uniformity – Remote workers have to have the same communications capabilities as in-office employees

Presence – Calendar and location information has to be available to let mangers, co-workers, and clients know how and when to reach them.

Access – Not only do they need the ability to share documents and participate in meetings from far away, but secure access to company information and expertise.

The benefits of a remote workforce are much easier to identify – flexibility when hiring since there are no boundaries, reduced cost to the employer with lower overhead, HR and labor costs, and promoting an environmentally responsible workplace by eliminating commuters and reducing their carbon footprint.