Mobile Workers

More and more, employees find themselves spending a great deal of their time away from the traditional office and instead interacting with clients out in the field.  At the same time, they need to maintain communication with other clients and co-workers.

Laptops, tablets, smartphones – all critical pieces of the puzzle, and all need to have advanced communication capabilities to keep your employees connected.  Providing your workforce with the technology allows them to do more, do it more efficiently, and deliver outstanding service to your customers.  Some benefits include:

Flexibility – in an increasingly BYOD environment, any smartphone, tablet or laptop can get the job done.

Seamlessness – Employees enjoy the same communications experience as if they were at their desk.

Simplicity – No matter where they are, a single number, voice mail, and extension.


There are a number of options for your mobile workforce, whether your company provides a specific device or if employees utilize their own.  Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about which solution can make the biggest impact for your business.