Is your communications system costing or making you money? Let’s find out…

  • Is it helping increase sales and revenue by up to 10%*?
  • Generating monthly phone bill savings up to 25%*?
  • Is your system making your employees more efficient and productive?
  • Is your system and vendor helping reduce the overall cost to communicate?
  • Is your system utilizing the most feature-rich technology?
  • Is it enabling your business to exceed customer expectations and outpace competitors?
  • Can you upgrade your system through a No Penalty Replacement program as your needs change or your business grows?

*Actual Customer Results

What about your current vendor? Do they stand firmly behind every system they implement by providing…

  • Guaranteed Emergency Response (24 x 7)?
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty?
  • On-Going Labor Support?
  • Training for Personnel on System Functionality and Administration?
  • Ongoing Programming Changes to your system?
  • System Software Updates?
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance?
  • Surge and/or Lightning Damage Replacement?

How about the way you’re paying for your current system? Are you…

  • Enjoying off balance sheet operating expense with no amortization?
  • 3- or 5-year terms with no finance charges?
  • Experiencing “pay-as-you-go” maintenance, service, and support?
  • Generating Revenue/ROI from your cap ex dollars?

Your answers

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If you didn’t answer Yes to at least 15 of these questions, then it’s time to contact us!

You see, we don’t simply SELL phone systems…. We serve as architects of a comprehensive program that leverages the best available technology, support, warranties, and financing options designed specifically for your business.

We’re eager to demonstrate the impact Telefficiency™ can have on your business… Just click here and one of our “Communications Architects” will contact you. Doing so will simply enable us to learn more about your business and determine if what we do aligns with your needs, goals and objectives. It’s free and there’s no obligation….so let’s get down to business!