Call Recording and Professional Interaction Management

Call recording and quality assurance technology can play a valuable role for businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, including automotive dealerships, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution. Any business that regularly communicates with customers, clients and partners via the phone should proactively manage the risks inherent in these interactions and promote quality assurance using call recording.

With the Tracer contact center recording and quality assurance solution, call recordings become a vital part of developing highly effective compliance, process and risk management programs. Tracer call monitoring functionality ensures phone-based interactions are readily available for dispute resolution and transaction verification.

Tracer contact center management software provides robust, enterprise-class call recording, agent evaluation and quality assurance functionality, including:

    • Patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology, which provides a highly secure means of reviewing, sharing and adding notes to call recordings
    • Intuitive user interface with call visualization, which simplifies call recording review and auditing
    • Effortless organization and search capabilities, allowing a targeted call recording to be retrieved within seconds
    • Integrated live monitoring and auto monitoring, allowing real-time agent coaching and personnel development
    • Customizable employee evaluations and powerful quality reporting, allowing call centers to proactively monitor, manage and improve workforce performance
    • Optional desktop screen capture capabilities, enabling a more complete picture of agent activity

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