My Favorite Mitel Phone Feature

November 3rd, 2016

After 30 years, I “retired” from Cortel Business Solutions on July 14th. Yet, after three decades you can’t really walk away. After all, though not on payroll anymore, I still know things that many of the newer generation would not: how old systems worked, where I hid the photos & where the bodies might be buried!

Although no longer an employee, I make myself available and interface with a customer base that are not only old friends, but part of the Cortel “family”. I still maintain an email address that I religiously monitor and the telephone number that those clients and friends have used for years to reach out to me.

I have an IP telephone that rings at two homes, as well as being twinned to my ever present Smartphone via the Mitel MiCollab Client.

When the occasional call from those clients that still have me programmed into speed dial arrives (or, a Cortel technician tracing some crazy configuration that I designed years ago), Mitel MiCollab Client rings me, wherever I am. I can see who the caller is, re-route it to voicemail to call back later, or transfer it to our customer service group to address the issue.

I can use my MiCollab to return calls to people using the Cortel phone system, or using MiCollab Audio, Web or Video Conferencing, all the while maintaining the corporate identity and brand. This is all available whether using Smartphone, PC, or a mobile tablet.

Let’s be in touch if you’d like to learn about what the Mitel MiCollab solution can do for your business! Our email is