Meet Cortel’s Female Technology Superstar Filomena Pulitano!

November 18th, 2016
Cortel's Female Technology Superstar

Hard work, courage, and treating people with dignity. These are the strong fundamental values that have created a success story for one of Cortel’s top solutions consultants, Filomena Pulitano.

Hard work, courage, and treating people with dignity. These are the strong fundamental values that have created a success story for one of our top solutions consultants, Filomena Pulitano.

With over two decades at Cortel Business Solutions, Filomena has been a top performing leader who has driven massive growth of our business.  She is someone whom our clients have come to depend on and admire over the years.  And she has done it all as a female in a male-dominated industry, balancing the demands of work and motherhood with grace and style.

As stunning as her accolades are at present, her beginnings in the industry were humble.  Filomena worked for a button company where she assumed the role of “jack of all trades.”  According to Filomena, “I did it all.”  She never looked at any task as below her, and never complained. If the company needed her, she learned new skills so she could perform.  She played the role of CFO when her supervisor went out on medical leave, worked in the accounting department, and even had a brief stint as a receptionist!  Over her five year tenure at the company she taught herself how to program the phone system.

Then one day, opportunity knocked.  She had a friend working for a predecessor company of Cortel, who reached out to her and said they needed a trainer for their phone systems.  As she had a family, it was a careful decision for Filomena to take the risk, but she made the transition.  At Cortel she continued to be unstoppable and after working in training and operations over 10 years, she was asked to be in sales.

As Cortel evolved as a company, Filomena’s influence grew.  She became one of the top performing salespeople and survived through 5 or 6 mergers and acquisitions.  “I’m the Last of the Mohicans” she laughs.

When asked to what she attributes her success, Filomena would say her work ethic.  She’s a hard worker and no matter where she finds herself, she rises to the top.  She cares about her customers and takes her responsibility to them very seriously, always finding ways to give to them and ensure they are properly taken care of as she would take care of family.

Balancing her work with her role as wife and mother, she says a critical component of her success is her ability to take advantage of social opportunities, network at wedding and sporting events.  “The next thing you know, I’m there with a bid”, she says.

Has it been hard being a woman in the male-dominated telecom industry? No, according to Filomena. If you work hard and have courage, being female or male does not have an impact. She sells primarily to male CEO’s and says that just as men do, she has a firm handshake, goes into the meeting with a purpose, and asks smart questions.  Usually this is enough to impress, and then she’s on to the next one!

And on, and on, and on.  Still lighting up the charts after twenty years, Filomena Pulitano is an inspirational story of a female technology superstar!