Matthew Spears is Cortel’s November Employee of the Month!

November 10th, 2016

Composure, focus, and a commitment to serve others are what comes to mind when you meet Matt Spears.  If it weren’t a remarkable achievement to have served Cortel’s clients for 22 years as a support technician, Matthew has fought fires for 24 years as a member of his local fire service. Hats off to you, Matthew! Cortel Business Solutions is honored to have you as our November Employee of the Month!

Question: What has made you successful in your 22 year tenure at Cortel?

Answer:  It’s just a big family.  I’ve worked with so many people who have made me what I am here. People taught me things along the way. I’m just happy I can pass that along to other people, too, and teach them as well.

Question: What do you find stimulating about the role?

It’s challenging, yet rewarding once you fix the problem. I’ve developed thorough troubleshooting skills. Start at point A, identify the problem, and work through to find the solution to it.

Question: And you’ve also been in the fire service for 24 years. Tell me about that?

I do about 70-80 calls a year, and have been an instructor for 22 years. teaching new recruits as they come up in the academy.

Question: what is the most important thing you teach the fire academy trainees?

How to safely and effectively do their jobs. It takes allot of focus and concentration for them to do the job, they have to have a good head on their shoulders and know what can be detrimental to them. We pass on a lot of that information to them.

Question: What is your most memorable experience at Cortel?

Probably the best experience was the yearly holiday parties. Being able to get together as a group, every year was like a family reunion. It was something you looked forward to every year, hanging out with people and catching up, sharing your little stories about the good and the challenging situations you’ve dealt with during the course of the year.

Question: What is your most memorable experience as a fire fighter?

The most satisfying yet challenging thing was 911. As much as we were helping people on their absolute worst day, and it was our worst day too. It was a challenge but it was something we were trained to do. We knew the risks and we were prepared to do whatever we needed to do.

Question: I’m seeing a parallel here that in both situations you deal with the unexpected.

Every day. Every single day you never know what you are going to come across or what you are going to deal with.  We say when the bell rings (we don’t have a physical bell anymore) – but when the bell rings you go.  It could be anything from a complete conflagration to a cat in a tree, at work it could be one phone not working to 500 phones not working. You have to dissect it, take it apart, and get things where they need to be to make the day better.

Matthew, thanks for all that you do. In your longstanding commitment to serving our clients as well as your community, you are an inspiration to all of us!