Diana Perez is Cortel’s December Employee of the Month!

December 15th, 2016
Diana Perez

“Putting the customer at the heart of a business means that every procedure, process and system keeps the customer in mind.” – Shep Hyken

As Cortel Business Solutions actively works to maintain its position as the market leader in designing and delivering enterprise, cloud and mobile real-time business communications products, our commitment to making our customers rave about us is the priority.

As the means of delivering upon this commitment to customers, our employees are a critical component of our brand.  We honor one of our most talented professionals, Diana Perez, this month as she embodies the Cortel values of customer focus, reliability, and diligence in all that she does.

Diana has been a customer service representative with Cortel for four years.  Straddling her time between two departments, she serves both the Infrastructure and Customer Service Teams. In this capacity, she is responsible for any task from ordering equipment, scheduling service calls, and managing logistics to supporting sales requests and handling inquiries from clients and partners.

Diana’s most outstanding contribution to Cortel has been her high degree of customer focus.  She has only been praised by the members of the sales and client service teams for her intelligence, quality of work, consistent thoroughness, accuracy, and overall positive demeanor.

As Cortel’s customer service is the most cost effective and comprehensive support program in the industry, Diana shows great caring and respect for all that she works with. She genuinely cares about the customers. If someone calls in upset she goes above and beyond to make sure the problem is addresses, as opposed to just opening a ticket, putting it in the queue and calling it a day.

Says Diana’s manager Robert Choynowski, “She embraces everything that we give her to do, regardless of what it is, and you know that it’s going to get done timely and that it’s going to be right. It really doesn’t matter what it is you give her.”  Diana Perez, on behalf of our clients and our team Cortel Business Solutions is proud to make you our December employee of the month!