Cortel Employee of the Month: John Davis

February 24th, 2017

Customer Service Excellence John DavisCortel would like to acknowledge service technician John Davis as our February employee of the month.  For over 23 years, John has assisted our clients with any and all problems with their phone systems through his onsite and remote support.

What our clients love about John is his genuine interest in serving them.  John himself admits, “I get a huge satisfaction out of seeing them happy that the problem has been fixed.”

John’s willingness to be a team player has been invaluable to the Cortel team, especially when acting as an onsite technician.  During off hours, he at times is called upon to serve the needs of  clients whose needs he is not familiar with. Always open to collaboration, he somehow manages to find a way to work with team members to get it solved. As John modestly states, “It’s easy to do a great job when you work with great people. I’m only as good as the team we have.”

John loves his job, the company, and going to work every day because of the sincere satisfaction he gets from helping our clients’ telecom systems run smoothly.  Because he is motivated by this higher purpose, he’ll never say he can’t help. Indeed, this is perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of Cortel’s service. While many companies like to point fingers when an issue arises, at Cortel we solve the problem and figure out whatever caused it afterwards.

John, on behalf of Cortel and our clients, thanks for your service-focused attitude and we’ll always be glad when you’re the one fixing our clients’ telephones.