Millennials to Email: We #Don’tLoveYouAnymore

December 31st, 2016
Millennials No Love Email

With the advent of collaborative technologies, email has fallen out of favor with the Millennial generation.

“Work is no longer a place that you go, it’s a thing that you do.”(Mitel, 2016)

In the US, one in every three employees is a millennial. This makes them the largest cohort of workers; by 2020, they’ll be 50% of the global workforce.  They’re big and bad and here to stay.

It’s incumbent upon employers to understand millennial technology expectations and the impact that they are having on workforce communications.  They are the first generation of “digital natives” and expect instant information because they have grown up in the application economy.  In new world of immediate collaboration, people aren’t working together the same way as before.

  • Much of employment is short term and project based, requiring technical flexibility for nomadic workers.
  • Everyone has a device of choice that must be integrated with company applications.
  • Email has fallen from grace. Instead, collaboration tools that allow changes to happen on the fly are demanded.
  • A whiteboard is no longer something you write on in a conference room; it’s something you access from your mobile device and mark up during a group conference happening virtually.
  • Applications are delivered through the cloud – no more hardware because with coworking and shared office space being the real estate word of the day, there’s no place to put the server!

Companies are working together faster, more effectively, and more closely than ever before. To hear more about the latest technologies that your millennial workers will love, email


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