Who We Are

The Architects of TELEFFICIENCY™

Cortel Business Solutions, Inc. is a market leader in designing and delivering enterprise, cloud and mobile real-time business communications products and applications through our proprietary managed service offering called TELEFFICIENCY™. Our company is comprised of a dynamic, progressive group of business communications advisors, providing the most reliable and feature-rich unified communications products, services, and applications available today.

We are proud to be a long-time MITEL Exclusive Platinum Business Partner. In addition, we offer the most advanced products from industry leaders such as HP, LifeSize, Identiv, and Cisco…all serviced by a team of highly trained and certified technical support specialists that are unsurpassed in the industry

Through our proprietary TELEFFICIENCY™ program, we design, implement, finance, and support a wide array of communication solutions including Unified Communications, IP PBX Telephony, Data Networking, Video and Web Conferencing, Cabling and Infrastructure for organizations of all types and sizes.

As the Architects of TELEFFICIENCY™, we offer a comprehensive process, program, and a proprietary financing package that leverage the best available technology and associated services to render maximum results with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste…for your business.

Boasting a management team with vast experience within the communications industry, we serve customers of varied scope, size and structure throughout the United States.

What We Do

Deliver the Benefits of TELEFFICIENCY™ to Your Business

We are a true business communication solutions advisor. We don’t simply “sell phone systems”, but rather serve as architects of a comprehensive process and program that leverages the best available technology, support, warranties and financing options designed specifically for your business.

In doing so, we help businesses and organizations of varied size and structure design and build flexible, reliable, cost-effective communications systems to meet and support their evolving business needs – both today and well into the future.

When you take advantage of the TELEFFICIENCY™ program and apply it to YOUR business the results can be significant and unmistakable, including:

  • Reduce and control your communication costs
  • Improve business processes
  • Dramatically increase employee efficiency and productivity
  • Maximize revenue and sales opportunities
  • Enhance customer service and support
  • Reduce risk and maximize technology protection
  • Enjoy significant tax advantages

Our TELEFFICIENCY™ program offers a flexible method of payment enables us to “bundle” all of the following products and services,

  • Best available Communications Technology
  • World-class 5-year Parts Warranty
  • Comprehensive Customer Care (including Financial Guarantees)

Most importantly, your business can continuously leverage next-generation technology through our No-Penalty” System Replacement program that features:

  • Easy “in platform” upgrades (early and late term) and,
  • Penalty Free System replacement with NO ROLLOVER FEES
  • Off balance sheet operating expense w/ no Amortization
  • ROI generation from Cap Ex Dollars

Is your business currently experiencing “Optimum TELEFFICIENCY™”?

How We Do It

The 5A Process: Align • Assess • Architect • Agree • Achieve

No Architect would draw up plans for your dream home without asking questions about your lifestyle, décor preferences, and family’s needs, would they?

But that’s what most telecom dealers do…try to fit YOUR business to the products and services that THEY offer.

Not us. We engage in a collaborative process in which we ask a series of thorough questions to fully understand your business, your goals, and your current means of communication. Only then can we suggest and properly design the best and most efficient technology to fit your unique business needs.

We call this collaborative, free-of-charge service our “5A” Process, during which we:

  • Determine if what we do ALIGNS with YOUR business goals and objectives
  • Conduct a thorough ASSESSMENT of your current situation (technology and costs) and establish how we can positively impact your business processes
  • ARCHITECT the right technologies, services and care/support in a program that will easily, economically and efficiently accomplish those goals and objectives
  • Collectively AGREE on the prescribed course of action, and finally

Because technology is constantly evolving, it is also changing the ways that businesses communicate with customers, employees and partners. Therefore to keep pace with the myriad of choices, it is imperative that your business is aligned with a Communications Partner that has a clear vision for these technological advancements, and how they can positively impact your business so it can achieve Maximum TELEFFICIENCY™.